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We created this page to help you recognize the most commonly used loan scams and how you can protect yourself. Even if you don't apply for a loan through Go AAGP please take the time to read this and educate yourself.

Website Security

Verifying that a website is secure is that easiest way to cut through 99% of the scams online. Using Go AAGP's application page as an example of a properly secured website this is what your browser should look like on a secure page.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox:


iPad 3:

iPad 3

iPhone 5:

iPhone 5

You will notice a couple things:

  1. The address bar is green on the page were the loan application appears which means a Symantec EV SSL Security Certificate ™ has been installed. This is the highest level of security a business can purchase to protect their website. Note: the entire address bar may not be green in all browsers - see images above.
  2. You also want to make sure the letter "s" appears at the end of http.
  3. The last item you want to see is verification that the website has been reviewed by a 3rd party security company. The two most commonly used security companies are Norton™ and McAfee™.

Very Important - if you can't click on the "security seal" and view the business information that website is not secure. Click the Norton™ security seal in the upper right hand corner of Go AAGP for an example of a properly functioning security seal.

If you are going to apply for a loan online and the application page of the website does not have a green address bar (see images above) with https do not apply that website is not secure. There are a couple reasons why scammers don't have secure websites.

  1. It's very expensive to create and maintain a secure website.
  2. Businesses must apply for the Symantec EV SSL Security Certificate™ and Trust Seal™. The applicant must be a legitimate registered business which will be verified. Scammers won't qualify for either of these which is why you don't see the green address bar and their security seals are not "clickable".

Most Likely a Scam If

How to Report a Fraudulent Website

If you applied for a loan on another website before reading this page and feel that you may have been scammed you can use the contacts below to report them.